Papaya Soft Serve

The locavore inside me is about to cringe.

I adore papaya.  I buy 1-2 jumbo’s every week.

I can’t help it- the sweet orange goodness beckons me.

And soon it will beckon you too.

Let me explain.  A little known fact about me is that back in my dairy slinging days, I was obsessed with soft-serve.  Not just any soft-serve, but the kind served at my cousin’s dairy bar on PEI.  I lived without this childhood delight for the past eleven dairy-free years- quite happily.  Dairy tastes gross to me now.  But, I was tickled to discover my first vegan soft-serve last year.  It brought me back to carefree days of melty frozen goodness, only with an added bonus of actually contributing positively to health.  Gena really did change my life when she blogged about making banana soft-serve.

But, recently I’ve taken it to a new level with my beloved papaya.

Papayas have a dense texture, similar to bananas.  I thought there would be no harm in giving them a shot in the old blender to see if they would hold up in true soft-serve form.   Much to my delight, my papaya soft-serve turned out better than I expected.

Dare I say- better than the original banana version?

But, I  couldn’t enjoy this bowl fully until homage was paid to the original vegan soft-serve champ:

Now that’s what I’m talking about.  It rivals the best of ice cream and fro-yo soft-serves out there. Comprised entirely out of frozen and fresh fruit this “dessert” can be eaten anytime.  I chose breakfast.  And it was good.

Here’s whatcha do:

-Put 1-2 cups (I used 2) of frozen papaya in a blender or food processor.  Blend away, until a smooth consistency forms.   You may need to add a splash or two of almond milk.  Serve as is or top with fresh banana slices.

Enjoy, friends!


About madebyjill

I'm a vegan foodie who lives in the kitchen. I like to blog about what I make because it's fun to share.
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4 Responses to Papaya Soft Serve

  1. Papaya is my all time favourite. Must try this

  2. Saveur says:

    Simplicity at its best. 🙂

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