The Honeymoon is Over

I am almost back to my regularly scheduled programming after a jam-packed few months that included:

  • getting my classroom up-and-running for the new school year
  • launching my own (very) small business
  • a mini honeymoon in San Fransisco

Needless to say, I fell out of the habit of blogging due to limited free time.  But, it is a new year and I am excited to finally have a chance to get back to my favourite little hobby- making and talking about food.  It’s as they say- back to life, back to reality.

I’m going to start the new year off with a review of the most delicious city on earth- San Francisco.  The first thing you should know is that, San Francisco is a foodie paradise!  I basically spent 5 days stuffing my face with fresh corn tortillas, guacamole and vegan mole sauce. The Mexican food in San Fran is the best I’ve ever tasted.  I drool at the thought.

Here are some of the highlights for anyone (especially my vegan-food-loving peeps) lucky enough to find themselves in the area.

Let’s talk about Greens.  It’s a somewhat upscale vegetarian restaurant located right on the water.  Not the kind of place that I’d normally be lining up for, but we went there on the insistence of our very cute and lovely concierge.  And boy, were we ever glad we did.

My sheppard’s pie:

This was so hearty, filling and flavourful.  T went another route and tried the sweet potato chilli, which was really spicy in the best way possible. He loved it.  I may have snagged a bite of the spicy goodness:

The next day, we went exploring and ended up walking through Chinatown.  We were starving when we happened upon a vegan chain that I’ve been very curious about for some time now- The Loving Hut.  It’s got a weird kind of reputation, you should go read up on it one day. There are also 2 locations in Toronto, but I’ve never been.  After a very satisfying lunch of dumplings, fried green beans and mixed veg, we will be going back.

Observe as I ignore all that is not food.

Later that night, I stumbled into the BEST natural food store I’ve ever seen- Rainbow Grocery.  I went a little overboard- check out the bounty:

This was by far the most extensive whole-food health market I’ve ever entered.  I am so jealous of all those San Frannie’s who actually shop at Rainbow Grocery on a regular basis.  I’ll be doing reviews of all my favourite snack food souvenirs in the near future, so stay tuned for that. Seriously- I could have just stayed in our hotel and snacked for the rest of the trip. Luckily for me, T would not hear of it.

At this point, you may be wondering if all I did on my honeymoon is eat. Um……… pretty much.  🙂  I promise we explored other parts of the city as well.  But those pics have no place on this blog. Continuing….

The next day we headed to the Mission District to check out the shopping and eats in the local hipster locale. The Mission is known for having amazing burritos, and we happened to hear about an all-vegan spot that we couldn’t wait to get to.

Enter paradise on earth- Gracias Madras.  We ate lunch, beginning with the most unbelievably fresh blue corn tortillas and guacamole- both made fresh in house.

These literally melted in my mouth.  Pictures do not do them justice. We inquired about the tortillas, since I had never had such fresh-tasting ones before, and the server told us it was because the restaurant actually grows their own corn!  (and yes, that means they harvest, pound and bake the tortillas all sans processing plants).

We totally regretted going to Gracias Madras for lunch when we were served the biggest entrees I’ve ever seen:

This is Ts mixed veg special, slathered with mole sauce and cashew cream.

I went with the enchiladas.  I kind of wished I married them instead of T.

Just kidding T.

We regretted going to Gracias Madras for lunch because that night we were supposed to save our appetites for our very fancy schmancy dinner at the renowned Millennium Cafe.  Somehow, we managed both. 🙂

At our fancy schmancy dinner, I did not take photos because it was unbecoming of a lady dining at such a fine establishment.  But for those of your looking for upscale, fine vegan dining, I highly recommend Millennium. As does everyone else whose ever been there.

Well, hopefully my photo food memories have inspired some of you to get out to San Fran when you have the chance.  I am hoping to go back annually.  Or permanently.  Whatever the future brings.

I’ll be back soon with some kitchen shenannies.  In the meantime, keep warm!


About madebyjill

I'm a vegan foodie who lives in the kitchen. I like to blog about what I make because it's fun to share.
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