Vegan Bake Off

I don’t have photos for this post yet, but I will post as soon as I get my hands on them.  

Yesterday I participated in the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s 3rd Annual Vegan Bake Off.  It was pretty phenomenal- $3 to sample 5-6 items from an entire category.  If you were willing to shell out the bones, you could sample from all of the categories.

The categories were gluten-free, cookies, bars, cupcakes and professionally crafted sweets.  

I sampled the professional, the cookies and the bars and induced a sugar coma for the remainder of the day.  

It was worth it.  

Besides stuffing my face, I also took part as a participant this year- I entered my ice cream cupcakes.  I did it mostly to get the word out, and let other sweet-loving vegans know that Cakes by Jill exists.  I was in the professional category and felt a little over-my-head as a newbie. I prepared 60 mini mocha latte cupcakes and cut them in half, adorning each half with a chocolate covered coffee bean.  Here is a pic from a launch I held in the summer, so you can get an idea

Arg.  Not the best image, but hopefully I’ll be able to add some shots my sister did with her super awesome camera soon. 

The preparations were stressful because the Bake Off venue didn’t have a freezer.  So I had to super-pack a cooler with tons of ice and wait to plate my cupcakes until the very last minute.  Many thanks to my helpers- Beck, T, Sarah, Steph- I am seriously grateful guys.  Most of the early cupcakes maintained their frozen goodness, but after about a half-hour the rest of the cupcakes were more like melty mocha soup.  My hands were tied.

The other professionally crafted sweets were amazing!  I loved LPK’s peanut butter nanimo bars- they took first place in our category and they really deserved it.  I’m still thinking about them!  

As for me, well imagine my surprise when I got runner-up!  It was so exciting and I am still super pumped- especially because all I could think about was how melty everythign was.  Perfectionism.  Sigh.   

Such a fun afternoon!  I promise to post those pics when I get my hands on them.  In the meantime, keep checking the TVA website- they will be posting some pics there for sure.

Have a great night everyone.


About madebyjill

I'm a vegan foodie who lives in the kitchen. I like to blog about what I make because it's fun to share.
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  1. That’s great! congratulations. I would definitely order some if I was still living in T.O.

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