Soups for Sickies

When I’m sick, I don’t particularly trust my own judgement in the kitchen.  I gladly hand the reins to the experts and let them lead the way.  So today I’m posting some recipes by other people for you all to enjoy.

Yesterday, all I could think about was soup.  But being sick and low energy, I needed a recipe that fulfilled specific criteria:

  • quick to make, with very little chopping required
  • few ingredients
  • preferably made all in one step
  • tasty
  • filling


Where does a gal go to fulfill such a list?  I headed over to Gena’s blog searching for a raw vegan blended meal.  She is the master of raw soups.  

For those of you who doubt you could enjoy a cold vegan soup, I say that’s probably because you’ve never tried one.  They are yummy, packed with flu-fighting nutrients and are just about the fastest meals to make on Earth.  

I decided on her Creamy Zucchini Soup.  I added the ingredients into my blender (pausing only to roughly chop the zucchini), turned it on for about 30 seconds and voila:

Easiest. Soup. Ever.

As for the result, it was creamy, fresh, easy on the throat and flavourful.  Next time, I would definately add a clove of garlic though.  Here’s the ingredients:

Creamy Zucchini Soup

1 zucchini, chopped (about 1 generous cup)
1 cup greens (spinach, kale, chard, etc.)
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp white miso (not necessary, but I enjoy the flavor it lends to raw soups and blended salads)
¼ tsp salt
½ avocado, chopped
2-4 tbsp fresh dill (depending on your taste)
1 cup water
1 tbsp oil

When dinner time rolled around, I recruited T to help make my all-soup day a reality. He was promptly put in charge of our evening meal. We realized that we had a bunch of kale on its last legs in our fridge.  A quick google search revealed a recipe from a book I’ve been wanting to buy forever- Vegan Fire and Spice, by Robin Robertson.  She’s another one of my vegan chef heros. Score!  The recipe for her Spicy Kale Soup can be found here, on her blog.  Mucho thanks for posting this Robin Robertson. You made a sick vegan very, very happy.  

I passed out while T was preparing so I missed all the photo opps, but I did sit up long enough to snap these two beauties:

Apparently he skipped on the beans and sherry because “we didn’t have any”, but I suspect he might have had other motivations, at least as far as the beans were concerned. 

This soup was so good, it literally blew our minds. We ATE THE WHOLE POT!  Note to self: Buy this cookbook immediately. Hint to friends and family: My birthday is Nov. 20th. 

After dinner, I nursed my soup baby belly on the couch and put it to bed early.  I’m feeling blah-y again today, but looking at all the yummy memories from yesterday is cheering me up.  

I’m planning on posting some quick and easy back-to-school themed meals on here next week, so come back and check it out. Especially if you are heading back to school yourself.  Or, if you’re into really super easy food prep. 🙂


About madebyjill

I'm a vegan foodie who lives in the kitchen. I like to blog about what I make because it's fun to share.
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2 Responses to Soups for Sickies

  1. Gena says:

    So glad you liked, Jill! People are squeamish about raw soups, but once they try them, they usually get converted 🙂

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