Friday Favourites 3

What are some of your favourite ways to stay hydrated?  I am a creature of habit and a caffeine fiend, so my day typically goes like this:

1. Coffee 

2. Water

3. Sparkling Water (as I write this I am swigging right out of a 750ml bottle of San Pellegrino)

4. Tea

Why sparkling water?  Because I am in recovery from an out-of-control Diet Coke addiction.  I had braces when I was younger for almost FIVE years.  FIVE years!  That’s a big chunk of my pre-teen and teenage angst right there.  Anyways, I had to stop drinking sugary soda’s because they were so bad for the glue on my braces (such a nerd was I).  I adapted and began drinking diet pop when I was twelve or thirteen.  When my braces came off, anything with sugar tasted too sweet to me, and made me thirstier.  So I became a Diet Coke addict.

What constitutes an addiction? In University, there was a time when I would drink 3 (or more) cans a day!  If I didn’t have one by 3pm, I got a terrible headache and brain-fog. Disgusting!  I probably gave myself brain damage from all the aspartame (right Sarah?).  When I started to pay more attention to the food I was putting in my body, I decided the Diet Coke had to go.  And it did- slowly but surely.

Regardless, I still have this thing about carbonation.  Nothing else quite quenches my thirst.  So, I drink a LOT of sparkling water.  One addiction replaces another I suppose.  Here’s my sparkling beverage of choice:

It’s even better in a glass with ice and fresh lemon or lime juice.

As I was thinking about what other favourites to highlight for you today, I decided to stick with the theme of hydration.  Besides San Pellegrino and coffee, I’m pretty religious about the following two beverages:

Vita Coco Coconut Water.

Let me explain.  I read somewhere that coconut water has oddles more electrolytes than Gatorade, and that it is nature’s perfect sports drink.  As a (somewhat) regular runner, and a major humidity wimp, I needed to test this claim out. But in Toronto, young coconuts (and their fresh water) are a little difficult and expensive to come across.  So I began buying Vita Coco.

My verdict- some things are not too good to be true.  Vita Coco water is like a drug!  I’ve been drinking it all summer long, and have never felt so well hydrated.  It’s light, tasty, refreshing and it really quenches your thirst.  It’s not cheap, so I recommend pouring it over ice only on those really hot days, or after an especially sweaty workout.

Secondly, I present to you my new very favourite tea chain:

David’s Tea

You may be asking, “isn’t it a little yuppie to drink expensive loose leaf tea?”.  And it is.  But David’s Tea makes the yuppie factor and the slightly high price tag worth it based on taste alone.  These tea’s are for those of you, who like me, enjoy things with a strong flavour.  I can’t stand buying any flavoured tea that doesn’t brew up to it’s name.  So far, every tea at David’s has been unbelievable!  I’ve tried, and highly recommend the watermelon (this is especially good iced), the mint/licorice blend and a blend called “Forever Nuts”, which turns deep red in your cup and tastes like dessert.

I know that I just told you to go try drinks that are fairly pricey, but I promise if you decide to splurge, it will be worth it.

Or it won’t be, because you’ll become addicted like me.

Have a great evening!  I’m off to a comedy show!  Woot, woot!


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I'm a vegan foodie who lives in the kitchen. I like to blog about what I make because it's fun to share.
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  1. Besides, coconut water is full of potassium that body needs after workout

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