Ode to my Food Box

T and I have been a proud members of Foodshare Toronto for a little over a year.  We order groceries through their Good Food Box program.  They really shouldn’t sell themselves so short.  The boxes we get are more than good- they are filled with high-quality, fresh, mostly local and seasonal produce.  We order the organic box for maximum health power.

When I picked up my box yesterday, it occurred to me that I should spread the news about this amazing organization.

How it works:

-After you sign up on their website, they hook you up with a local neighbourhood drop-off location.  Ours is at a very friendly and adorable woman named Elaine’s house, about a 10 min walk away from our doorstep.

There it is- on her porch.

-You choose what type (organic/conventional; fruit only or fruit & veg) and size (small/large/family) of box you want.

-Boxes are delivered weekly, or biweekly.  You pay upfront for the following week’s box.

-The contents of the boxes are determined by seasonal growing patterns and it’s basically a surprise every time!  This can be fun (if you’re me and you like all plants without exception), but does require some flexibility in terms of meal planning, as well as a willingness to experiment with new veggies and recipes.

Here’s five reasons why getting a Food Box is a great idea:

1. You support local and sustainable food production.

2. You get the freshest produce available.

3. You save money (I cannot tell emphasize the value of these boxes enough- they are a ridiculously good deal)

4. It introduces you to new types of fruit and veggies. Have you ever baked a currant muffin?  Well, I hadn’t before two weeks ago either, and they are divine. Don’t worry, each box also includes explanations and recipes for the more mysterious vegetables.

5. Someone does your grocery shopping for you!

Here’s what we got in our Large Organic Box this week (cost= $34):






cobs of corn

hot peppers!!!

bag of spuds






Will that last us two weeks until our next box?

Not a chance.  We consume plants around here at a rate that would be comparable to baby elephants.  But, with some sporadic shopping to pick up items we can’t live without on a daily basis (hello avocados!) it definately goes a long way, saves us money and makes us feel all warm and gooey inside for being responsible consumers that support a super dooper organization.

Question: Anyone out there got a green tip they want to share? Want to brag about how eco-conscious you are?

Here are some of the other things we do at my house:

Ride bikes and bring our own shopping bags.

I need to get a lot better about not using take-out coffee cups.  I think coffee tastes better in them, and it’s such a treat to walk around with a hot coffee in hand.  I’ve tried to bring my own mug, but I never seem to have one with me when the sweet aroma of caffeine lures me in.  T has this weird thing where he can’t drink coffee from stainless steel because it smells like metal to him.  Gross. He recently bought us these in hopes of helping us become better ecocitizens:

They are ceramic mugs with silicone tops.  Now if I can just get past the embarrassment of walking around with an adult-sized sippy-cup, I’ll be set.

I’m off to enjoy the day.


About madebyjill

I'm a vegan foodie who lives in the kitchen. I like to blog about what I make because it's fun to share.
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