Comme Ci, Comme Ca

Detox update-

Day 1 of avoiding sugar was a success.  Not one tiny delectable crystal passed through my lips yesterday.  

How did I do with the other half of my detox goal? 

Well, two small glasses of white wine never hurt anyone.  And besides, I did say that I would be flexible on special occasions.  

What was so special about yesterday you ask?  Well T gave notice that he was finally quitting his horrible job (yay T!), and it was the season finale of the Bachelorette.  

Ok, I’m pathetic.  However there are no more open bottles of wine in this house calling my name at night, telling me how crisp and lovely they will taste after a hot humid day.  

Today is Day 2 in detox land, and so far it’s been great.  Yes, it is only 11:33 am but I have not indulged in either of the two above mentioned weaknesses.  

Wish me luck!  I’m off to get some work done.  And to eat unsweetened things a-plenty.


About madebyjill

I'm a vegan foodie who lives in the kitchen. I like to blog about what I make because it's fun to share.
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2 Responses to Comme Ci, Comme Ca

  1. I have been trying to cut down on sugar. I wish I could get rid of it entirely. But I doubt that will ever happen. I am a sad person!

    • madebyjill says:

      Um… I feel like this post was false advertising- I could never live without sweets either (notice that my “detox” only lasted for 3 days- I love chocolate way too much). I just try to stick to insanely expensive natural sweeteners like agave, maple syrup, maple sugar…. whenever possible. I have never turned a vegan dessert down- now that would really be sad.
      I’ll post something sweet without sugar soon!

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